Friday 3 April 2015

HOTEL REVIEW: Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

I definitely have a preferred type of hotel, no doubt about it. I like boutique hotels but I don't like paying ridiculous room rates so when I go on holiday I spend a lot of time looking up cool, stylish, unique places that aren't going to break the bank. Let me introduce you to one of my all time favourite hotels, the Michelberger Hotel, found in one of my favourite cities, Berlin.

I've been to Berlin many times, I visit most years because a. it's cheap, b. I have friends who live there, c. there are so many awesome things to do and d. I love the chance to stay at the Michelberger Hotel. I stay here without fail whenever I'm in the city, it's in a fantastic location, the rooms are reasonably priced, the atmosphere is fun, cool and completely in line with all the things I love about the city.

There are a few different types of rooms but on my last visit Steve and I decided to push the boat out as it was our anniversary. The hotel has 4 themed luxe rooms; the chalet, the room with a view, the clever one and the golden one. It doesn't take a genius to realise what room we stayed in! I actually wanted to book the chalet (fitting for our December visit) but it wasn't available so we decided to go for a bit of glamour. The luxe rooms aren't cheap, at €140 a night this had to be a special occasion but as we were only visiting for 2 nights we decided it was worth it.

All the luxe rooms have big bath tubs in the window, massive comfy beds and plenty of character. Our golden room was ostentatious to say the least, with gold wallpaper, tiling, accessories, pillows and furniture galore. I love the palm tree lamp and all the random accessories including animals and 324683 pillows! The clever one has it's walls covered in books, much akin to sleeping in a library. I'd definitely like to spend a night or two in there.

The bed was one of the comfiest I've ever slept in and each morning it was really difficult to prise myself out. A thick mattress and squishy pillows added to the luxe element, as did the gold plated shower room!

It took a while to figure out that the telly was hidden behind the mirror, not that I watch a lot of TV on holiday but the Big Lebowski eternal loop channel was pretty amusing.

As well a the luxe rooms there are a few other types available. The cosy room is perfect for a couple (or two very close friends), it's small but has everything you need for a short stay plus at €80 a night it's very reasonable for a boutique hotel, especially with a favourable exchange rate.

The loft room is really good fun and perfect for a holiday with friends as it comfortably sleeps 2 or 3 people and is extremely spacious. One bed or sofa is on the main floor whilst the other two beds are situated on a mezzanine level adding a touch of privacy. This is especially good value for three people as the room is either €90 or €100 a night. I remember having a lot of fun when I stayed in this room, probably because we were throwing stuff at each other from the mezzanine level.

There's also a band room and a big one, both sleeping a large number of people so a good idea for big groups of friends or families.

The hotel is located opposite Warschauer station which is on the border between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain in the east of the city. These areas are my favourite parts of the city, you can find loads of interesting shops, bar, restaurants and things to do like the East Side Gallery. It's a bit like Shoreditch and Brooklyn, but a lot better in my opinion!

The hotel has a fun bar and reception area that's open 24 hours plus it does a great breakfast. Apparently the restaurant is pretty decent but with Burgermeister a mere 5 minute walk away the choice for an evening meal is a no brainer!

I don't think I'll be back to Berlin this year but next time I do visit I know where I'll be sleeping.

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  1. Awesome - this is definitely where I want to stay if I visit Berlin again...Berlin Half Mara 2016, maybe...x

  2. The hotel is perfectly located for all types of activities. The, the staff is super nice. The ambiance is cozy and cool. Rates are good. They have a really nice lounge to sit for a drink, a chat or to work. The breakfast is delicious, a must do! And their restaurant is also really good. The only thing that could be improve is the sound in the rooms. It's a little noisy in the morning.

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  3. Germany's dynamic capital has loads of luxury hotels,yet most travelers don't come to Berlin to be spoiled; they come to take the beat of one of Europe's most exciting cities, and the Michelberger mirrors Berlin's tumultuous desire forever.

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