Friday 6 March 2015


What's this, a burger restaurant in Covent Garden I hadn't heard about! Brioche may not have the social media following of other burger joints in town but what it lacks in twitter followers it sure does make up for in quality.

Last month Steve, myself and our flatmate Sasha went along for a week day dinner to check out what the place had to offer. I didn't realise until we got there that the menu consisted of a lot more then burgers, thus making my choice of main a hard one.

We shared the flat brad of mozzarella to begin with, you can't really go wrong with cheese and bread but the addition of the caramelised onions added a lovely sweetness.

The Austrian sausage and mustard dressing was heaven! The sausages are sourced from an Austrian bakery in Angel and are peppered with cheese, dipped into the mustard dressing was an explosion of taste.

As soon as I saw confit duck on the menu I knew I had to order it, I was actually expecting to order the confit duck burger that evening but unfortunately it wasn't on the menu but this proved to be a fine substitution. The duck skin was crispy and the meat was tender, falling easily off the bone. The creamy bacon cabbage was heavenly. I give this dish tops marks and would 100% order it again!

The braised beef shin was tender and flavoursome with a delicious portion of creamed potatoes on the side. An almost deconstructed stew and the perfect dish to keep you warm on a cold evening.

Steve went for the buttermilk fried chicken burger which was huge. The chicken the crispy and succulent, not dry in the slightest which I often come to expect from your bog standard chicken burger. The brioche bun was quite thick but this meant the burger held together well. The chips were perfect, well seasoned with a satisfying crunch.

We also ordered a side of crab, coriander and chilli mac n cheese which was the most disappointing thing I tasted. I couldn't really taste the chilli or coriander and the large cannelloni tubes didn't quite sit right with me but the crab was flavoursome and the portion was a generous size.

Brioche is a quaint little restaurant just off the Strand and the French inspired menu and cosy interior make this a lovely spot for dinner. I'd love to go back and sample more of the menu including the beef burger as the food is great quality and extremely reasonably priced.

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  1. You're eating well at the moment! This food looks super, especially the duck. Shame about the mac&cheese

  2. Yum! I really fancy some Austrian sausage now. I'm thinking of good places to take you in Cardiff... You would like Wallys but there are so many options...

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