Tuesday 30 April 2013

#100London - April Update

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because April has been an appalling month in terms of museum visiting. I actually only made it to the Science Museum and that was for their April lates session last Wednesday. I'd been meaning to check out one of the lates for a really long time now but something always came up, however last Wednesday I made sure I kept the evening free. Because the theme was Climate Change it meant the museum wasn't actually that busy which is a good thing as there's more space to explore and less queues. I loved the fact there weren't any screaming kids around and there were bars all over the place, being able to drink in a museum definitely makes up for the fact the drinks are crazily overpriced. I went to a talk in the IMAX cinema, the venue was cool but the subject matter of the talk was a little on the tedious side. I am really interested in climate change and was looking forward to hearing about how we can make a difference in our lives but the talk was more about stupid jokes than hard facts, still it was an enjoyable 40 minutes. There was tons of other stuff going on as well so I would definitely like to go back again and get more involved, maybe try the pub quiz.

So that bring my grand total to 15 museums which considering it is April that is appalling. I’m determined to make up for it over the next couple of months though. I’m checking at the Bowie exhibition at the V&A on Saturday and I’m going to pop into the Hayward Gallery to see the Light Show before it closes on Monday. I also need to pop into the British Library, Courtald Gallery and lots of smaller museums as some stage as well.

Where have you been this past month x

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  1. There's been a Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition on in my local museum since NOVEMBER and I still haven't gone! So I can't judge you! x

    1. OMG I love his work, where is this exhibition? Last time I went to one of his exhibitions it was in Florence circa 2009

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