Tuesday 22 January 2013

Saw a band

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Jumper from ASOS
Dress from ASOS
Shoes from Underground

I love going to see bands live whether it's little local bands in small pubs or big world famous bands in massive arenas. You all know my favourite band it Green Day right? I've seen them so many times and never tire of their amazing live shows, oh so many memories! Last Friday I went to see Teenage Bottle Rocket and Dropkick Murphys at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town, I'd never been there before and it was a really good gig despite the speakers blowing and some very smelly topless men...

This is what I wore and as gig outfits go it's pretty typical for me. Easy to wear dress with a cosy jumper and sturdy shoes, bish bash bosh! This dress is actually a new addition to my wardrobe, it's navy with this fab pointed collar making it very easy to wear. My Mum tells me it's just like her old nursing uniform especially when coupled with my red satchel. The shoes are my latest purchase from Underground, I just love myself some chunky creepers and during a gig it's important to wear something comfy that will keep your feet protected from all the moshing!

When it comes to buying tickets I often forget on the day they are released and before you know it they've sold out, however with the help of eBay owned website StubHub you can buy second hand tickets with the security that they're real deal. You can visit the site for One Direction tickets, theatre tickets, sporting events and more.

What do you wear to gigs x

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  1. I always wear whatever's comfortable- I really don't care what I look like! Nothing worse than girls in completely inappropriate clothing at a gig! x

  2. Flat shoes, always! I love this jumper. x

  3. I love this jumper, such a cosy outfit!

    Maria xxx

  4. You look so snuggly Hannah!

  5. Lovely outfit. My partner would be so jealous you saw the Dropkick Murphys, he loves them and we're hoping to catch them in Boston this year xxx

  6. Ahhhh the Dropkick Murphys. That would;ve been a good show, they're pretty great live! Big creepers are my go-to gig shoe too, I like that they make me slightly taller without being 'heels' that hurt my feet. I tend to go for jeans/shorts and tshirts... I like to be comfy at a gig!

  7. that jumper looks so nice and warm! I like a good pair of boots with a bit of a heel so I get some height and I always wear black because you get beer poured all down your back at some point. I do like getting dressed up if I'm going to see a band with lots of mates but keep it simple x

  8. i Love this outfit han, must still get my hands of the perfect pair of creepers

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