Sunday 11 November 2012

Zara Biker Jacket


Zara Biker Jacket


Zara Biker Jacket

Zara Biker Jacket
Biker jacket from Zara
Faux fur gillet from Topshop
Skater skirt from Topshop
Top from ASOS
Boots from 
Snood from Primark

A good quality biker jacket is something I've been hunting down for a very long time and I think I may have finally found it. When I saw this beauty in Zara it was love at first sight, the mix of fabrics and chunky gold hardware won me over instantly and I knew I had to purchase it right there.When I was been thinking about my perfect biker I did imagine it would be leather and alas this isn't but the shape and style are still perfection. I'll probably buy a leather alternative at some stage but this will do me happily until then. I've been wearing it over dresses and tops galore and have even paired it with my faux fur gillet for an extra layer of warmth. How cute is this top as well, the swan wraps all they way around the neck and it sort of remind me of that crazy swan dress Bjork wore once upon a time. I do like myself an animal print!

Today I took part in the MoRunning 5K race in Battersea Park and was super thrilled to get a new PB. I've been chasing a sub 30mins 5K ever since I started running last year but because I'm rubbish and slow it took ages. Now I feel I'm actually getting somewhere and can see improvements so all is good on that front. I also went to the British Museum to check out the Shakespeare exhibition which was OK, nothing amazing.  I went to Burger Breakout for dinner which was fantastic but I'll do a proper review on that this week. I'm starting to get really excited for Christmas now and have enjoyed seeing the Oxford Streets lights and all the adverts on the TV, I love this time of year!

Are you feeling festive yet x

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  1. Love the jacket! I've been looking for something similar myself to put on my christmas list. I also really love your tshirt, reminds me of Bjork :)
    Well done on your running! That's a fantastic achievement :) I saw your instagram of all your medals, wow! x

  2. Love this jacket and your top is amazing!

  3. This is such a great look for you. Love it!


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  4. This is lovely, I adore the gold! I love my biker jacket, such a classic...

    Maria xxx

  5. The swan shirt is awesome. I found my perfect biker jacket in Zara too - they are damn good at making super cool coats. Also congratulations on all your running triumphs! I was admiring the pictures of your medals on Instagram. xx


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