Friday 14 September 2012

J. W. Anderson x Topshop

This morning Topshop launched their newest designer collaboration, J. W. Anderson.  Famous for this quirky designs and colourful patterns Jonathan William Anderson is a favourite at London Fashion Week which also starts today. I picked up a few bits online this morning including this stripy top, cat print top and tortoise print iPhone case. You can shop the rest of the J. W. Anderson x Topshop collection here.

Will you be buying anything x

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  1. I saw the cat top when I was browsing this morning - very tempted by it! xx

  2. I do quite like the cat print top. I was so tempted by the tortouise skirt until I saw the horrid exposed zip at the back.

  3. I love the iPhone case! There's a couple of things in the collection that I'm very tempted by! x

  4. I thought the tortoise print was kinda cute but after 10 secs I changed my mind.. I'm not really into tortoises, i feel like they signify living life in the SLOW lane. I am a fast lane person.


  5. I like that first top. I think this collection is a bit cool for me to be honest, it's not really my style so I'll probably pass it by.

  6. i like this post thinks for sharing


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