Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spring Fashion: Floral Trousers


Grey tee from Topshop
Denim jacket from Uniqulo
Floral trousers from H&M
Brooch from Stolen Thunder
Converse trainers


Evening all, I hope you've had a nice weekend. Once again I've been a busy bee. On Friday night I went to the V&A Connects - Fashion Blogging talk. The talk itself didn't really interest that much, I was more concerned about seeing some of my blogging favourites AKA Lily, Sarah, Sarah, Michelle, Jazmine, Rebecca and Caroline. After the museum, I popped over to Carnaby Street with Lily where we met Sophie for dinner at the Diner. It was delicious, as always! On Saturday I spent a glorious THREE AND A HALF HOURS in the hairdressers getting my roots bleached and a trim. I go to the Witches Hut in Clapham Common, Frankee has been doing my hair for years and I throughly recommend that place. I'd say it's cheap by London standards. She styled my hair into the most fantastic beehive which I tried to recreate myself today and failed miserably! After my hair appointment I went to see the Quentin Blake exhibition at the Foundling Museum, it was lovely and made me very nostalgic. Roald Dahl books were my favourites as a child and Blake's illustrations were the perfect accompaniment. After food in Nandos I made use of my 241 CineWorld tickets and saw Cabin in the Woods. As horror films go it was pretty amusing and despite the somewhat crazy ending I did enjoy it. Today I went to Sotheby's to see Munch's Scream which is being sold in New York on May 2nd. I did a spot of shopping on Oxford Street, finally ate at Leon and cleared out a massive pile of eBay clothes in my room.

Anyway, on to the point of this post. Floral trousers are big for spring this year and you can grab a pair from almost any high street shops. This particular H&M pair are a bit of a blogging sensation which is probably because they only cost £12.99. When I saw Sophie and Amy rocking them I knew they had to be mine but wearing a pair of trousers this bold can be somewhat difficult. To add focus on the print but still remain day time approriate I wore them with a pain tee and denim jacket. This makes the look casual but still on trend as the floral print is doing all the talking. Next time I might go for a smart blazer or a wolly jumper. I'm not quite braze enough to try print clashing with these yet!

Are you wearing floral trousers this spring x

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  1. I love these trousers! Your hair looks gorgeous, definitely worth the hairdresser time. I really want to see The Scream before it's sold, have loved the painting since I was little! x

  2. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove those trousers hansy
    I might have to go purchase them myself!
    They look fab on you, and your hair is looking great too :)


  3. So good to see you the other day! Your instagrams of your food made me so jealous, I can't even. Have already arranged to go there this summer with my friends though :) And I LOVE these trousers, I had to grab a pair myself. Looking lovely with the grey tee too xxx

  4. Love this look! And lovely seeing you the other day my dear! :)

  5. Flower trouser friend!
    We really need to do dinner again, twas fun!

  6. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  7. Your hair looks so lovely here! I also love the idea of those pants with black stilettos, the tee is a perfect choice.


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