Tuesday 29 November 2011

Glossybox: Novermber





I was kindly sent the November Glossybox after attending the Motel Rocks and Glossybox bloggers evening a few weeks ago which was very exciting as I've never had one of these luxury sample boxes before. My box seemed to arrive a few days later than most so by this stage I knew what the products were going to be. I was excited to open the beautifully packaged box, it really felt like something special but on first views I was a little disappointed with what was inside. However, over the past couple of days I've examined the contents more carefully and had second thoughts.

1. Arbonne FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme - I love hand cream, I suffer from very dry skin so I can never get enough of it and this product is lovely. It smells fresh, rubs in fast and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I like it a lot!

2. Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath Salts - I am a little disappointed with this product as I have tried sea salts in the past and they have aggravated my dry sensitive skin so much that I've been left in nasty red rashes. To be this does not scream luxuray product no matter what the price label my suggest however I am prepared to give them a bash next time I have a bath.

3. Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum - I think it's very cheeky putting perfume samples in these luxury boxes as many can be found for free at a perfume counter. Saying that, I love the scent of this and will definitely be throwing it into my handbag on my next night out

4. Monu Revitalising Moisturiser - I really like this product, it has a lovely sent and makes my skin feel soft. Plus I was impressed by the size of the tube, it seems quite large for a sample size.

5. Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps - Probably my least favourite product. I don't think these are luxury items at all but I'm glad I got the black and white stripes as I'm more likes to test these out then some of the other styles.

I never would except to love all the items in these boxes but I suppose I'd be happy with an over 50% approval rate. I loved the moisturiser and hand cream, thought the perfume was cheeky but do enjoy the smell and was unimpressed with the bath salts and nail wraps which is 50% on the dot I'd say. I'm glad I didn't pay for this box but I am tempted to sign up for the Christmas part 2 box, we shall see...

Big thank you glossybox, did you get one this month too x


  1. I've never subscribed to glossybox or anything similar but I do love reading about them on blogs! x

  2. I was so disappointed with this month's Glossybox that I sent it back for a refund, wasn't impressed :( I like Boudoir Prive more! x


  3. Maybe I'll order that glossybox too. I find it funny... xx

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