Wednesday 5 January 2011


Next in my line up of travelling posts is the enormous country that is Thailand. This place is amazing no doubt about it. Yes, Thailand is a very westernised county in many respects but it's still overflowing with history, culture and delicious food! For now I'm going to share some photos of the North (Chaing Mai and Pai) and Bangkok.

Lanterns at the Sunday Market, Chaing Mai

My new best friends

I always wanted to be face raped by an elephant

Actually terrified

Thai cooking school

More lanterns

A little sign in Pai

L and I keeping safe on mopeds, that were driven by other people

Another beautiful waterfall

Our perfect bungalow

The famous Khao San Road, Bangkok

In our matching dresses

Chaing Mai is the largest city in the north of Thailand and is full of courses, like elephant training, cooking and trekking. We didn't do a trek (too lazy lolz) but the elephant training and cooking course were fantastic. I learnt how too cook thai green curry, hot and sour soup, spicy prawns, spring rolls and mango sticky rice. C celebrated her birthday in Chaing Mai too and we chilled with some new friends setting off lanterns, it was lovely =) Pai was somewhat like Vang Vieng in Laos, a complete hippie paradise. It was so relaxed and surrounded of beautiful scenery.

Bangkok was extremely different from the scenic north, It was hot, chaotic and considering we hadn't been to a large city in over a month, extremely overwhelming. The markets were enormous and the streets were smelly. I really didn't like it much, especially since I spent the best part of the day being ripped off at the immigration office whilst trying to extend my visa. We didn't stay too long fortunately and even though our hotel was in the deepest darkest depths of China Town the room was one of the nicest we stayed in on the entire trip.

I really want to see more of the north, since it was so different and no where near as westernised as the south. The food was amazing and the weather wasn't too humid, an almost perfect retreat and definitely worth spending a large deal of time exploring.

I was working again today and tomorrow plus I've started to learn more about photography and am considering buy a DSLR. Nothing too fancy as I'm only starting out but considering my parents are in the business I'll be able to get a good deal.

My 'diet' started today so wish me luck x


  1. WOW does it look like fun! Very jealous of you!

  2. it look really really really amazing! my friend went for xmas and new years and saw she has an awesome time. I'm so jealous x

  3. Thailand looks so amazing. I went when I was a child, so can't remember what it was like. I really want to go again now.
    I love the picture of you with the elephants. It looks like so much fun.

  4. Wow! What a dream come true!

  5. What an amazing place! I've never been so sure about Thailand as everyone I know whose been went there to go clubbing and lie on a beach and that's not really my kind of holiday. Thi makes me really change my nd though - I love to go to new places and actually *see* things there!

  6. Ah looks like Thailand was epic, looking forward to seeing my sister's holiday snaps when she goes in April! Also ooh an SLR? I wish I could afford one, you'll definitely get some great photos when you eventually get it!

  7. looks like an amazing the matching dresses!

  8. wow, this looks amazing, i especially like the lantern pics :-)


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