Tuesday 4 January 2011

Get it faster

Had to go back to work today, well depressing but at least it means I know a little bit of money (no matter how small) will be going into my bank account at the end of the month. Got work tomorrow as well and if it goes anything like today I'll pick up some more photoshop tips so yey for Snappy Snaps. Finally took a picture of the outfit I've been wearing for what seems like forever. I wanted to take a picture of it sooner but I never got round to it.

All - Topshop

Pretty tragic stuff when an entire outfit is from the same shop but I love Topshop and excluding Office and River Island it's the only decent shop in Putney. I bought this jumper over a year ago and love it to bits. It's perfect for throwing over dresses and all sorts plus who couldn't resist the big cute panda face on the front. It's perfect for the animal trend I love and continue to wear throughout winter and also does an excellent job of keeping me warm.

Rings - Laos and Topshop (maybe)

The ring on the left is from a random jewellery shop in Luang Prabang and I absolutely love it. It's a massive spike and reminds me of a pyramid, not very Asian but still extremely cool! I had to haggle hard and long to get it for a reasonable price of which I can't remember but I think it's silver so I really did get a good deal. The other has a fab leopard print so it's no wonder I love it.

I finally booked a hair appointment for next week (thank god) because my mop needs sorting badly. It's getting pretty humiliating to be perfectly honest so as soon as I see those scissors and little pot of bleach I'll be happy again =)

Had great fun with the girls last night at the Japanese restaurant but now G and K are in NYC and I'm trying to keep the green eyes under wrap. I'll get my turn to visit soon I'm sure so it isn't the end of the world.

Watching Dexter, again x


  1. Gonna get some baboo for ma babies!

  2. Great jumper :) I got my hair done last week for the first time in 3 months since I am growing in and it was so amazing to finally have it cut :)

  3. Cute outfit lady, my friend bought the same sweater its lovely! I love Topshop :)


  4. lol at the boys comment!

    but seriously, i adore this jumper! xxx


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