Thursday 26 August 2010

House Take 2

Check it out, another pair of housey tights but this time it's white on black!

Tunic and skirt from H&M
Tights from Henry Holland
Socks and necklace from Topshop
Doc Martins

I told you I loved tights didn't I? Well the black-on-white pair are my favourite but these are pretty cool too! I never really wear my DMs that much, I kind of regret buying them in pink because they don't really go with that much. Whilst a black pair would be more practical I do love how they pop out against the monochrome outfit.

I was meant to go to a clothes swapping party tonight but the weather in London is so hideous I decided against it and am staying in to watch Arrested Development with my little sister.

I'm going to Leeds tomorrow with G and C to visit the boy and be jolly at Leeds Festival on Saturday. I am so excited about seeing Blink-182, I've never seen them before so it'll be very fun and reminiscent of my youth... good times!!! I am packed for rain and shine so hopefully I'll be prepared but I'm pretty sure the wellies will have to be worn. This will be my first festival of the year since I had to return my Glasto tickets so it'll be great to catch up with some live music and dancing with strangers. I've been to Reading Festival 5 times before and whilst I feel I've out grown it (and can't handle the idiotic people) it'll be fun to try out Leeds.

It's so nice not having to work at the minute and this weekend plus bank holiday will be the first short break I've had for quite some time and I'm really looking forward to it. Do you guys have any plans? Any festivals or just relaxing?

I hope I don't get too muddy x


  1. Oh my word, I LOVE your pink DMs. I can't believe you don't wear them to death! I would live & breathe in them, & possibly sleep too. They're amazing! I'm in love...

  2. i love the outfit! the tighs really are cool, and docs rock with every outfit, really nice!

  3. i really like these tights too, but i agree that the white on black are my fav!
    i hope you have a good time at leeds fest xxx

  4. Love the top, i have it in khaki and black, so comfy! You have such indivdual style!

    Stacey xx

  5. omg! I LOVE HENRY HOLLAND!!! but i never see someone wears his collection,but now i do!! :D ii love the tights that full with house pattern! :D

    and oh gosh doc martins!! i always want to have a pair of it but its too expensive, love it! :d

    CLIFF from

  6. I actually LOVE your style. It's so original but yet has a twist of complete awesomeness!
    Loving it! xx

  7. your pink DMs are fab! i'm just relaxing and baking this weekend.


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