Monday 27 November 2017

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tavern Steak and Oyster

When it comes to steak I'm a little bit fussy. Thanks to many an overcooked meal I'm very particular about where I order it, and unless somewhere specialises in steak I'm not that interested. This brings me to Tavern Steak and Oyster, a little steak house nestled away in the heart of the City of London. Part of the London Capital Club, I did wonder if this restaurant would be any good. Private members clubs aren't something I'm interested in but this meal was honestly a delight.

Whilst pouring over the menu we enjoyed a portion of crispy pork scratching and drinks. My gin sour was heavenly and the scratchings we just right in terms of salt and flavour.

Specialising in oysters and steak it only made sense to order both. We started with four Fine de Claire oysters which were huge and meaty. Served with one of the tastiest red onion vinaigrettes I've had, these were delicious.

We shared the burrata which was served with grilled courgette, and a herb and anchovy salsa. I would have appreciated the cheese being warmed up to room temperature instead of being served straight from the fridge. Alas the burrata did not evoke the intense creaminess it's known for but nevertheless the starter was otherwise enjoyable thanks to the earthy salad.

The steaks were fantastic, Steve and I ordered an onglet and sirloin respectively and both were cooked perfectly rare. My sirloin was buttery soft and extremely moreish. All steaks are served with a bit chunk of tasty bone marrow and your choice of sauce. My béarnaise was buttery and perfect. We ordered hand cut chips, hipsi cabbage, and courgette fries on the side but it was the chips that bowled me over. Soft on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outer, they were perfect.

We finished with apple and quince crumble for me, and warm spiced pineapple cake for Steve. The fruit in the crumble was chunky and retained a decent bite whilst the crumble had that perfect melt in the mouth quality - delicious. Spiced pineapple cake doesn't really do it for me but Steve enjoyed it very much.

Tavern Steak and Oyster is a little hidden gem offering a classic yet casual dining experience. The atmosphere is warm, the servers are extremely helpful, and the food is lovely. This is definitely worth a visit for all you carnivores.

15 Abchurch Lane, London, EC4N 7BW
Open Monday to Friday

I was a guest of Tavern Steak and Oyster but all views are my own.

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  1. That gin cocktail looks amazing! x

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