Monday, 27 February 2017


When it comes to takeaway food I am not normally a fan. My preferred choice stretches as far as a Domino's and I am definitely not a lover of Chinese fast food. But Zing Zing has changed my mind. This north London based takeaway joint is doing things a 'lil differently and serving up super tasty, top quality, MSG free, Chinese food.

I enjoyed a bit of a feast a few weeks ago, courtesy of the restaurant, and got myself frequented with a big chunk of the menu. 

From the starters I really enjoyed the firework dragon bao. This Korean fried chicken bao is just the right amount of fluffy bao and crispy, succulent fried chicken. The hot sauce comes on the side so you can amp up the heat as much (or as little) as you desire. It also comes with a side of popping candy to give the dish some fireworks. I ended up forgoing this part as it was just a little too gimmicky for me but otherwise this was a great dish.

The salt and pepper squid, which is often done wrong, was addictive and the duck spring rolls were a delicious upgrade on a normally dull classic. The sticky pork ribs were tender and moorish and the Thai prawn crackers were fiery with the perfect crunch. The pork and goji berry dumplings were succulent and extremely tasty, another interesting upgrade.

The main dishes really impressed me as well. The dynamite kung pao chicken was succulent and fiery, the coconut tamarind prawns were moorish and meaty, and the lemon chicken was fresh and light.

All-in-all I was pleasantly surprised by Zing Zing and it's made me realise the Chinese takeaway can be done well. The restaurants ethos of good quality, MSG free food really does stand out. The dishes are generously sized with lots of meat and vegetables instead of padding and while the menu is full of classic Chinese takeaway options there's still plenty of exciting upgrades. If you're based in North London and fancy a great Chinese takeaway then Zing Zing is the place for you.

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  2. That looks and sounds delicious! I seriously didn't think Chinese takeaways could be so good!

    - Elodie x

  3. Glad to see you're back on the blog. This looks delish.


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