Sunday 18 December 2016


It's always nice to be invited to check out a new restaurant, especially when the menu sounds like something that would genuinely interest you. Yuu Kitchen, based on Commercial Road, takes its inspirations from SE Asia meaning that the menu is full of hot, sweet and sour flavours. It's more of a sharing plates restaurant where you can pick 2 or 3 plates for yourself depending how hungry you are. Steve and I managed to sample quite a few different items from across the board and I'm here to report back how tasty it all was.

We started with the crunchy, pork scratching which comes with a hot and sour dip. I found the a little bland to be perfectly honest as the pork didn't convey much flavour. Fortunately the rest of the menu did!

Next up was the spicy tuna tostada which I really enjoyed. The raw fish, pickled radish, spring onion and a not too spicy mayo, all on top of tortilla chips. I loved the texture of the soft fish and crunchy chip.

The poke was similar in flavour to the tostada but with added salmon and no mayo. Again, I really enjoyed the freshness and contrasting texture of this dish.

The butternut a sweetcorn dumplings were a strange one because I was expecting them to be crunchy so the overly soft texture of the dish was a little hard to get on board with. However, the menu does sad they're soft so I really should have known better.

The baby back ribs were absolutely delicious. Sweet, spicy and sticky they tasted great and the meat was so tender that it fell away from the bone with only the slightest touch. This is a must order dish for meat eaters.

Crispy soft shell crab bao

Twice cooked 7UP braised pork belly bao

Soy and buttermilk crispy chicken bao

I love bao so I wanted to make sure we could try a few different variations. The pork belly was a stand out option for me. The meat was incredibly tender with a rich flavour thanks to the BBQ sauce. The spicy mayo in the fried chicken and softshell crab bao made these ones super tasty as well. The baos themselves were pillowy soft and just the right size making a couple of these a must order menu item as well.

I loved the fried bao and ice cream dessert. There's a few different flavours to choose from but the salted caramel ice cream worked really well with this (we also had a scoop of raspberry ice cream on the side which was delicious). The bao is severed hot and even though it's fried, it's not super crunchy, making it a pleasure to eat. This is definitely one of the best fried bao desserts I've had in London.

I had a lovely meal at Yuu Kitchen and enjoyed the eclectic menu. Whilst a lot of the food is described as spicy I don't think it's actually that hot, but maybe that's because I can tolerate spice quite well. Yuu Kitchen is definitely worth checking out if you're after some SE Asian food with a twist.

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