Wednesday 21 September 2016

BURGER REVIEW: Bryon's Chucky Balboa

Chucky Balboa £10.50

Chicken burgers are often a recipe for disaster as more than often they come out dry and tasteless. Byron's new special defies the norm and manages to stay succulent and packed full of flavour. Combining fried chicken breast, guacamole, sriracha mayonnaise, pickled red onion, sliced pickles and shredded iceberg this reminded me of Korean cooking with an American twist. If you like spice (yea please) ask for an additional coasting of homemade buffalo sauce (£1.35 extra). It'll give your burger a kick of heat without being unmanageable. I found it completely delicious and moorish.

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  1. This looks good but, yes, as someone who has gone through phases of not eating certain things and eating other things I've had a fair few disappointing chicken burgers in my time! Wish Byron would do a decent veggie option! x


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