Wednesday 7 September 2016

Avocado on toast adventures part 1

I've mentioned on this blog many times how much I enjoy brunch. I think it's the big choice of food that makes it so appealing to me. What's not to love when you can choose between breakfast or lunch? Avocado on toast is definitely a favourite option of mine as well. I love the creamy taste of avocado and the fact you can add lots of toppings like bacon, eggs, or halloumi.

The above picture is mine. Unless avocado is turned in guacamole I'm not actually a huge fan. I like to add garlic, chilli, spring onions, salt, pepper, and lime juice. Mash it up with a fork and serve it on toast with a fried egg, because poached eggs are a pain. It's pretty simple and only takes a few minutes to prepare but it makes for a really tasty weekend brunch.

But going out for brunch is fun too and I love discovering all the avocado on toast variations London has to offer.

Avocado on toast at the Curious Yellow Kafe' in Hoxton is great. Not only is it huge and delicious but it's also really cheap. The standard portion comes without any toppings but you'll only pay £6.50 for an additional two poached eggs and bacon.

Palm Vaults is the belle of Mare Street in Hackney at the moment. The mint green and dusty pink interior make it an Instagrammable dream and that's before I've even mentioned all the plants. The menu is small and focused on veggie brunch. I've been here a couple of times and whilst the food is tasty enough it's quite expensive considering how small the portions are. That being said, it's a lovely spot to drop into for some coffee and cake.

Frank's Cafe in Peckham is somewhere I like to visit every year. I didn't realise they did brunch until I visited a few weeks ago. The menu is small but the avocado on toast is tasty. The portion is on the small side but for £6 it isn't a terrible price considering it comes with an egg. Great views across London and a nice selection of cocktails make this a great spot to hang out for a few hours.

My most recent adventure into all things avocado based came from Local Hero in Kingston when I spent a week in the area doing jury service. I think the standard portion is around £5.50 but I ended up getting extra halloumi and a poached egg. It's not the cheapest of portions but it was delicious so hopefully I'll be back soon. The cafe is predominately veggie based and has a large selection of tasty looking brunch options.

I imagine there will be more parts to this guide as avocado on toast is a meal I am definitely not sick of yet. Let me know your favourite places so I can add them to my ever growing list of brunch options.

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