Monday 22 August 2016

BURGER REVIEW: Burger Shack and Bar

As nice as Wimbledon Village may look to a non-locals, SW19 isn't the most exciting place to live. The restaurants are mainly high street chains and the local 'bistros' have a price tag to match the multi million pound mansions found around the common. When I was invited to Young's Burger Shack & Bar to sample the menu I was most definitely intrigued. The bar may not be part of a new, independent business but it is a welcome change from another wise mundane stretch of road.

The bar itself is lovely, decorated with bright pops of colour and mid century furniture designs. It reminds me of English country home meets Scandinavian chic. The sliding doors open up all the way which is ideal come sunnier weather when the bar fills with natural light and you 'almost' feel like you're sitting outside.

The drinks list has a nice selection of cocktails and local brews so we settled down with a couple of tasty gins and a dish of popcorn.

We ordered the chicken wings to start which were nice. The meat was succulent and the coating had a nice hint of heat to it.

Steve ordered the pork belly burger which was absolutely enormous. The pork belly was deep fried in breadcrumbs and whilst the meat was very succulent it became a little too much after while. The blue cheese dressing was a nice addition to this burger as it helped cut through the heaviness of the meat.

I ordered 'The Streaky' which is a bacon cheeseburger. I like my burgers quite pink in the middle but the kitchen had to cook the meat through so it was unfortunately a little on the tough side for me. Saying that the burger tasted nice enough thanks to the crispy bacon, oozing cheese an ale cooked onions.

To accompany our burgers we ordered curly fries, rosemary chips and mac n cheese. The fries were great but I found the mac a little on the bland side.

To finish, we ordered the key lime pie cheesecake which was lovely. The portion was generously sized by thanks to the citrus taste it acted like a nice palette cleanser after a rather heavy meal.

Burgershack & Bar might not be the best burger I've ever tried but the venue itself has a nice atmosphere that I'm sure I'll be back to visit for a drink and snack. The food is generously sized and the menu is full of classic pub options. It's the sort of place to go for a casual meal or a snack if you're out with friends for a few drinks.

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