Saturday 16 July 2016

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Balls and Company

I love meatballs, in fact I am quite prone to cooking Polpo's spicy pork and fennel recipe at least once a month. There's something so delicious moorish about little blobs of meat and rich tomato sauce that keep me cooking the recipe time after time.

When I heard about Balls and Company, a dedicated meatball restaurant in Soho I knew I had to check out to see if anything could beat my favourite home cooked dinner.

I'm fortunate to have friends who are just as enthusiastic about food as I am. Cindy is no exception and our impromptu dinner date at Balls and Company was probably one of are more subdued evenings, but that's not to say it was any less enjoyably than previous catch up sessions.

We started with cocktails and parmesan churros. I had some sort of gin sour (standard) that was delicious, so much in fact that I drank several over the evening. The churros were just as lovely. The crispy dough melted in the mouth and tasted strongly of cheese, with the aioli helping to cut through the sharpness.

There's a few different meatball and sauce options to choose from. We decided to go for a classic combination at first; pork meatballs with a classic tomato sauce. The meatballs were succulent and perfectly sized. The sauce was  rich, thick, and delicious. An excellent combination.

The short rib meat balls were rich in flavour and paired with romesco sauce this was another great combination. We ordered a portion of chips which I forgot to take a photo of but you can see them on the side here, sort of. Lovely and crispy, this was a generously sized portion that we ended up struggling to finish because oops we ordered too much food as usual.

This was one of the creamiest burrats I've ever had, teamed with the fresh vegetables it was absolutely heavenly.

We thought it would be best to order something green and vegetable related. The asparagus and quail eggs were the special of the day and was a lovely dish this was. Perfectly cooked asparagus with perfectly runny eggs, what is not to love?

I really enjoyed our meal at Balls and Company. The restaurant is more refined that I was expecting, being a meat ball place and all. The menu is definitely geared up for sharing as the portions are quite small which means it isn't the cheapest option in Soho but it's very enjoyable nevertheless.

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  1. I've been meaning to go here for ages, but you've definitely sold it to me! x

  2. Oh yes. AND savoury churros?! Need. Now.

  3. Really great place in London! It's an interesting concept and the service and food were excellent. The atmosphere was also very nice, it's a good value for London and I would definitely go again.

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