Saturday 4 June 2016

BURGER REVIEW: Byron's Byronaldo

It's time for another Byron special and this month it's Fred Smith's childhood football memories that have helped shaped the band new Byronaldo (£10.95). Steve and I popped along to the Byron in Farringdon a few days ago to give it a try and I can report back that it's great.

This 6oz beef burger is topped with crispy bacon, Freddar™ cheese, Bovril onions, crispy onions, bread-and-butter pickles and Byron mustard sauce. I was intrigued by the Bovril onions, one of my colleagues thought they sounded awful but I trust Byron's expert wisdom when it comes to burger ingredients so I didn't worry. In fact the slightly caramelised onions gently enhanced the beefiness of the burger and give it a slight gravy taste. The gooey, American style cheese combined with the crispy onions was divine and the bacon was perfectly crisp. The mustard sauce is mild and helps cut through the beefiness of the burger without tasting hot. I don't like pickles so I ended up poking all of them out so I'm afraid I can't report back on those.
This burger is really delicious and whilst the cheese, onions and bacon make it sound like a generic burger van order the use of Bovril and mustard really make these ingredients stand out, making this burger anything but average. It's on the menu for the next month or so if you'd like to give it a try.

We also ordered the brand new cheese and bacon fries which taste heavenly. Covered in gooey, burger cheese and crispy bacon bits these are extremely delicious chips.

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  1. Ah I adored those bacon and cheese chips too! So tasty!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. This sounds INCREDIBLE! Is it lunchtime yet?

    - Elodie x


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