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Grilled kallaj

Foul moukala

Sautéed prawns

Meza is one of my favourite local food haunts and I'm so glad it's only a bus ride away. Specialising in Lebanese food this little gem of a restaurant is situated in Tooting Bec with a second branch in Tooting Broadway. I've been to the Tooting Bec location a few times, it's tiny (reservations recommended) but absolutely charming with it's open kitchen and pretty tiling. The food is exceptional and even better is the price.

The menu is split into cold meze, hot meze and main coursers but I've only ever the meze because I like sharing lots of different things.

Cold meze:

The grilled aubergine (moutabal) is heavenly, it's basically baba ganoush with the aubergine having that distinctive smoky taste. Bread (no charge) is served throughout your meal so there's always something to scoop up with silky vegetable mush.

I love the cured beef (bastourma). It isn't quite melt in the mouth like Spanish jamon but it does have a distinctive flavour and is exceptionally tasty.

Hot meze:

The kibbeh is best described as sort of fried lamb meatballs. They're super tasty with a nice crunch on the outside and a tasty crushed onion and lamb filling inside.

The spicy lamb sausage (soujouk) is something Steve always goes for. With a similar consistency to 
saucisson, with the addition of a little spice, the sausage has a bite but remains very flavoursome. The tomatoes act as a much welcomed fresh salsa.

The grilled halloumi and pitta parcels grilled kallaj) are delicious but let's be honest, you would expect any form of hot cheese and bread combination to taste great. I love dipping these into the other saucy dishes we usually order.

The broad beans (foul moukala) are favourite of mine. I love these types of peas and cooked with garlic and herbs they're absolutely delicious.

The sautéed prawns is a pretty hefty dish considering it's only meze. A generous portion of perfectly cooked prawns lie in a bed of fragrant tomatoes on top of a generous serving of rich.

I love Meze, the food is always fresh and delicious plus the choice of options means you'll come back for subsequent visits. The price is astonishingly cheap considering the quality of the food and every time I've been a generous meal for two costs around £30. You really cannot find a better deal than that.

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