Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Lemon and za'atar chicken

Aubergine and halloumi

I love street food and one of my favourite new food trucks is Laffa, a gorgeous blue converted horse trailer, that specialises in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

Laffa are doing a roaring trade on the London lunch time market scene and it's no surprise because their freshly made wraps are absolutely delicious. Last time I stopped by for lunch Steve and I shared an aubergine and halloumi (£6), and lemon za'atar chicken (£6.50) flatbread wrap. Whilst the chicken and halloumi is grilled whilst-you-wait, the wraps are stuffed with fresh salad and a harissa and tomato sauce. The final combination is a delicious blend of fresh, crunchy and slightly spiced salad with a generous portion of flavoursome protein. The veggie aubergine and halloumi wrap is my personal favourite but the chicken really packs a punch as well and if you're feeling greedy you can have a combination of the two.

I love Laffa, the food is extremely tasty and they're the only food truck offering Mediterranean wraps that I've come across. They also do the occasional pop-up where they serve a wonderful assortment of cold and hot mezze so make sure you keep an eye on them for their next location. In the meantime, get yourself down to one of their food truck locations for a might delicious, excellent value lunch.

Currently trading at Rupert St, Soho every Wednesday to Friday lunchtimes and Broadgate Circle on various weekdays.

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  1. I need to visit next time they're in Liverpool St! x

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