Thursday 28 April 2016


Tarka dal

Almond and apricot cake

Another weekend, another brunch as my motto seems to be at the minute. This time Steve and I visited a local Highbury brunch destination, Frank's Canteen before a visit to The Emirates to see Arsenal.

Steve had read about Frank's Canteen in on of those 'best brunch places in London' type books and being in the area that weekend we knew it was worth stopping by. Open until 3pm we were lucky to grab ourselves a table an hour before closing and before they'd run out of food.

We ordered the tarka dal (spoiler: it was incredible) and the roasted ham and sweet potato hash. The tarka dal is a veggie dish and one of the best brunch plates I HAVE EVER HAD. Toasted naan covered in thick dal, chilli chutney, cheddar cheese, crispy onions and two perfectly poached eggs - this was an indulgent dish packed full of flavour. I really wish Steve and I hadn't decided to share because I wanted to eat every last scrap of this myself.

The ham and sweet potato hash was lovely but after trying the dal there was no way anything was going to compare. Despite almond and apricot cake not normally being too my fancy we wanted a little sweet for the road so ordered this cute little cake to share. It was perfectly spongy with a lovely splodge of fruit on top.

Our visit to Frank's Canteen was a last minute decision that I couldn't be happier about. The menu changes all the time but I think certain dishes rotate a bit so I'm sure you'll be able to try the tarka dal for yourselves at some stage. It's open for brunch and Sunday roasts but they don't take reservations so be prepared to wait a little as the space isn't huge. If you live in Highbury I am extremely jealous that you have this local gem.

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