Sunday 22 November 2015

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ubiquitous Chip, Glasgow

I started this post back in the summer but for some reason I never got around to finishing it. For completeness as I wrote about the other restaurants I visited in Glasgow, I'm going to finish the post even though I can't really remember the ins and outs of what we ate. Nevertheless the place is lovely so I might as well share it.

Before my trip to Glasgow in May I wasn't too aware of what the 'fine dining' scene might have on offer but with a little research I soon discovered the Ubiquitous Chip, a Glaswegian institution serving traditional Scottish food in a beautiful and contemporary setting. I decided to book a table for the Saturday night of our visit as a holiday treat.

The food was truly sumptuous, from the home made bread to the ceviche, guinea fowl and haggis. What really stood out for me was the dessert. I am boring when it comes to dessert, I like ice cream and not much else (slight exaggeration but you get the point). I'd heard that oatmeal ice cream was a classic Scottish pudding so when I saw it on the menu I knew my time has finally come to try it, and I wasn't let down. Crunchy yet light ice cream with poached fruit, it was perfection.

I loved our meal at the chip and it's a great place to visit if you're in Glasgow for a special occasion. If you can get a table in the main dinning room, underneath the sky lights and balcony, surrounded by green plants you'll be in for an absolute treat. 

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