Thursday 27 August 2015

What's In My Festival Bag 2015

I'm off to End of the Road next week, one of my favourite festivals in the UK. The weather isn't looking too great but it's meant to be dry which means I can just about put up with the cold. I feel like I'm a festival packing pro these days, I've been to so many over the years and have managed to condense the essentials into a small day-to-day rucksack without much of a second thought. The key is to stick to the essentials and not bring anything too fancy. Leave your Miu Miu cat eye sunglasses at home and make sure you always have enough space for a few cans of cider.

Even though the weather is looking grim I still make sure I have a travel sized bottle of sun cream, in my case it is always SPF 50. I have some lovely designer sunglasses but let's be honest, they aren't practical so my £3 Tiger fake Ray Bans will do nicely. A portable phone charger is an absolute must as is a small purse with just your essentials cards, try and bring enough money to last the weekend because no one wants to deal with cash machines queues. I am going to bring my SLR on this occasion because EOTR is really safe and chilled but if something does happen I have insurance. FYI is you have an expensive camera and you don't have insurance then get it immediately! For my camera I'm going to use an Eyefi Mobi SD card, I can take pictures on my SLR and sync them up to my phone using the built in wifi which is pretty snazzy. This works really well if you want to use Instagram with your camera! A packet of tissues and wet wipes is an absolutely must as well, as is hand sanitizer and moisturiser.

I normally throw everything into my yellow Kanken because I love how vibrant it is (even though it gets dirty ridiculously quickly) but I always chuck in a tote bag in case I buy any records from the merchandise tent. EOTR is small so it only takes a few minutes to walk back to your tent but that still doesn't stop me carrying a few extra layers around.

EOTR is my last festival of the year and I'm super excited to see Sufjan Stevens again (I'm seeing him next week at the Royal Festival Hall too), War On Drugs, Future Islands, Saint Etienne, Low, My Morning jacket, Alvvays, Slow Club, Brakes, Mammut and lots more. I'm going to try and make a video because the place is so special but we shall see.

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  1. Ah I love My Morning Jacket. Finger crossed the weather holds up! x

  2. Oh, I actually saw My Morning Jacket in Paris last month and I was really pleasantly surprised. I'd never ever heard about them before! Hope you had a good time!

    - Elodie x


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