Thursday 4 June 2015

BURGER REVIEW: Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

No trip to a new city would be complete without me tracking down a burger, or two. There were two places I'd heard about in Glasgow, Bread Meats Bread and Burger Meats Bun. Opinion on twitter was split between the two and I had every intention of visiting both but due to time and many other delicious food options I only made it to Bread Meats Bread.

We popped in mid afternoon to share a burger as we weren't overly hunger. Being a fan of the simpler things in life we opted for a cheese burger, my reasoning being that if you can't get a cheese burger right then there's no hope for anything else. As we waited for our burger to arrive we purveyed the rest of the stripped back, casual burger bar. It was heaving. In my eye line I clocked a GBK and 5 Guys on the same road so it was nice to see a local joint getting recognition. The burger sure did smell good and the staff were very friendly. I drank an Irn Bru, obviously.

The burger was nice, not the best I've had by any stretch of the imagination but I try to approach these things without my London bias. The meat was well seasoned, the sauce was tasty and the bun was slightly toasted and held everything together well. However there was a critical things that ruined this for me. Upon ordering I asked for my burger medium-rare (standard for me) and was told that due to 'health and safety' the burger had to be cooked through i.e. not pink. The waitress told me she'd ask the chef to cook it as pink as possible but when it arrived the meat was far from pink. In all honesty this is a deal breaker for me, if a burger bar of all places isn't going to cook your burger the way you want it then why even bother in the first place. The funny thing is, this happens time and time again. I recall ordering the beef burger in Bread Street Kitchen many years ago and being told they would not cook it medium-rare. This was a Gordon Ramsey restaurant of all places and the burger was not cheap! What I gather from my knowledge of the food world and correct me if I'm wrong but if the meat is bought in pre-minced you shouldn't be leaving it pink in the middle because bacteria can be present (the heat from cooking the meat through kills it). If the meat is minced in the restaurant and cooked straight away there will be less bacteria present thus allowing for a pink burger. Which is why I'm confused because the menu states the beef is chopped daily in-house...

Anyway, despite the over cooking the burger wasn't bad and I'm sure it still beats GBK and 5 Guys down the road, especially from a price point. If you're ever in Glasgow and you like your burgers over cooked then I definitely suggest stopping by. Next time I'm going to check out Burger Meats Bun but I'm pretty confident it'll be more of the same.

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