Sunday 3 May 2015


I'd been keen to try Bad Egg ever since it opened a few months ago but it's City of London location meant I wasn't often in the area, despite my fondness for the Barbican. This is the latest development in the world of Neil Rankin, from head chef at Pitt Cue Co. to the wonderful Smokehouse and now an American style diner serving burgers, beers and plenty of eggs. Don't be fooled by the name, the eggs were anything but bad!

I think the menu has changed a little since Bad Egg first opened, there aren't any starters or small plates now but there are plenty of main course options including eggy delights, ribs and burgers. We decided to share one of the egg plates, chilaquiles. This was similar to a nacho plate with crispy corn tacos loaded up with guacamole, chipotle, peppers, goats curd and chilli, with a fried egg slapped on to for good measure. Very nice it was, especially when the running egg yolk combined with the guacamole and tacos.

Steve went for the Korean pork belly ribs which were melt in the mouth delicious. The pork was incredibly succulent and fell away easily from the bone. The Korean style dress was a nice mix of sweet and spicy without being too hot.

I went for the Bad Egg burger as the promise of Nduja cheese fondue and a soft egg was too good to pass up. The burger was a messy one, you can see the cheese and egg dripping down the sides and that before I had even picked it up. The beef patty was succulent, pink and very tasty, combined with the oozing cheese this was one indulgent beast of a burger.

I'm not a huge fan of kimchi so we went for the Nduja cheese fries with a fried egg. These were perfectly crisp, just the way fries should be. The fried egg made a nice dip but we ended up leaving the white as we were pretty egged out by this stage.

Here's the dessert menu, we didn't have any because we were already full and I don't like peanut butter or Nutella, if only that s'mores pot could use normal chocolate I'd be in heaven!

Bad Egg is a great little diner, it's got a real American dive bar vibe to it thanks to the dim red lighting and neon signs. The food is messy and dirty but with a name like Bad Egg, would you expect anything else? I'll definitely be back again to try the brunch menu i.e. even more eggs.

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  1. Ah this is on my to-go list, the food looks so good! x

  2. Oh this looks amazing, eggs are my favourite!

    Maria xxx


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