Thursday 28 May 2015

HOTEL REVIEW: citizenM, Glasgow

Glasgow, a city I've been meaning to visit for more years than I can recount. A lot of people have asked me why and it's a very simple answer, music. For me, Glasgow is the epitome of modern rock music, for such a small city (population 600,000) the sheer volume of critically acclaimed bands created in its lowly suburbs is beyond impressive. From indie-pop to post punk to classic rock to post and alternative rock these many different genres mean Glasgow can proudly call itself a music destination and I for one have been itching to visit ever since I first heard the dulcet lullabies of Stuart Murdoch many, many years ago.

The reason it's taken me so long to visit is because I've been quietly waiting for a Glaswegian band to play a weekend gig in the fine city. Gigs have come and gone but the circumstances were never right, until finally, Belle and Sebastian (one of my favourites) announced a Friday night show at the SSE Hydro. This was to be their biggest headline spot to date and I knew, it was finally the right time for me to visit.

I'll talk more about my love of all things Glaswegian in another post but for now I want to concentrate on where we stayed because it's probably one of my favourite hotels to date. Whenever I book a holiday the first thing I do is research accommodation, by now you must know my mantra, affordable luxury. With a quick google and flick through my trusty Wallpaper and Lonely Planet guides I knew citizenM was the place for me; a small chain of boutique hotels with prices starting from £69 a night. The style and price couldn't have fitted my mantra more perfectly.

The rooms are basic in the sense you get an extremely comfortable XL king sized bed, a powerful rain shower and iPad to control the TV, blinds, lighting and temperature. There isn't a great deal of floor space but what the rooms lack for in width it certainly makes up for in ingenuity. A small room isn't a problem for me, I don't spend a great deal of time in hotels when I'm on holiday so my perference is always a great bed and a shower that'll give me a boost in the morning above anything else. The bed was huge, I've never slept in anything like and now I'm back home my measly double pales in comparison. The shower certainly cured my hazy head each morning, with a powerful force of water and plenty of space to move around, it was perfect. Our trip was definitely a case of late, boozy nights so a good sleep and a wash was most definitely apprecaited.

The storage is clever, with a wall to wall bed the underneath acts as a huge drawer to tuck your luggage away, but don't worry there are a few hooks available for hanging up your delicates. The iPad control is another clever touch, as is the mood lighting. You can change the 'ambience' of the room to whatever shade your heart desires, as you can see I liked the pink / purple vibes.

The charm of the hotel doesn't stop at the rooms, there's a 24 hour bar and plenty of space to kick back and relax plus it's city centre location is perfect to access the culture and night life of the city.

citizenM are doing an amazing job at fun, affordable hotels and with locations in London, New York, Amsterdam and Rotterdam I know I will definitely visiting them again. Thanks for a great (three) nights sleep.

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  1. This is so cool - I'll definitely look out for a CitizenM on my next holiday!

    - Elodie x

  2. I love the sound of Citizen M hotels, I will definitely have to book one soon, this looks ace!

    Maria xxx

  3. Great review and pictures, I did one recently too but before they changed the remote controls to ipads. : Think i will have to have another look at my blog sytling, your seems so much fresher, lots of inspiration thanks.

  4. Congratulations on finally visiting one of your dream destinations, and for seeing one of your favorite bands too. Your room looks great, by the way. I especially like the purple lighting, as it seems very relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

    Lucille Foster

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