Monday 27 April 2015

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Say Yeah Burger @ The Star of Kings

I still find it hard to fathom how many burger bars there are in London, I thought the trend would have slowed down by now but it really hasn't. I'm not complaining, I love a good burger but it's feels like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, whether they can make a good burger or not. This isn't the case with Say Yeah Burger, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed and have made a note to visit again.

Currently based in the kitchen of The Star of Kings I visited the pop up a little while ago before heading to a gig next door at Kings Place. Steve and I ordered loads, we wanted to check out the different sides as there are quite a lot of tasty things on the menu.

As much as I love burgers, I prefer simple burgers the most. I ordered a Yeah burger which is basically a cheese burger with special sauce. This was great, the burger was meaty and juicy, cooked perfectly medium rare to order I loved it.

Steve went for the Pilgrim which is a turkey burger with Swiss cheese and pastrami. Another great option, the turkey was succulent and was complimented well with the subtle Swiss cheese, lovely.

There's a choice of chicken wings, we went for the buffalo variety which were great. Crispy skin, sweet and sticky sauce, and not too hot. The chicken meat fell away from the bones easily, these were extremely moorish.

There's a big choice of fries as well, we went for the Hombre which come with chipotle sauce, melted cheese and smoked paprika. These had a great kick and were far more interesting in taste to you bog standard fries.

We also ordered the chipotle chicken taquitos which were more like a main course rather than a side. Oozing with tasty chicken and melted cheese these were delicious and I'll definitely be ordering them again.

Say Yeah Burger is a great little spot, it wasn't too busy when we went so I think it's a good place to avoid food queues in Kings Cross. The menu selection is pretty big with a large range of sides so it's a good idea to go in a group so you can try a few different things. I think they're based at the Star of Kings for the foreseeable future so make sure you get down to check them out, also look out for their specials including the famous scotch egg burger!

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