Monday 2 March 2015

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Symmetry Breakfast

On Valentine's Day Steve and I headed to east London for a special brunch. I'm not going to lie, this sounds pretty hipster even by my accounts, but instagram sensation Symmetry Breakfast has become so popular they've opened their own pop up! The location was Mr Buckley's which I've been to before for dinner (it's very nice) and we had to order the same thing, obviously.

The tickets were £20 per person and included a soft drink, a alcoholic cocktail and a main. Because I don't drink tea or coffee we went for the pink lemonade which was nice combination of sweet and sour flavours. The French 75 was the most appealing cocktail consisting of gin, lemon and prosecco.

I'm not normally a fan of ordering the same thing, Steve and I always share food in order to try more things but this was a fun concept and provided a good photo opportunity. After checking out #symmetrybreakfast we decided that the baked eggs aka shakshuka looked like the best option, we were not disappointed. A piping hot bowl of vegetables and tomato sauce covered in two baked eggs with a side of spiced humus and bread arrived and within minutes we had devoured the lot, truly delicious and perfect for a bleak winters day. Something like this would be quite easy to replicate at home and I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

Mr Buckley's is a nice little spot and if you're in the area I recommend checking it for dinner and drinks, on both occasions of visiting it hasn't been overwhelmingly busy and the food has always been of great quality. Check out the symmetry breakfast instagram because it really is a visual delight and something that would be fun to recreate at home.


  1. Ah gosh this looks so delicious and such a fun concept!

  2. Aah, so jealous! This is my only reason for trying to have a date next Valentine's day! x

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