Friday 13 March 2015


The final restaurant in my Parisian eating series belongs to L'Assiette which is a traditional French bistro in the south of the city. Everywhere else we'd eaten was pretty contemporary so I wanted to make sure we tried somewhere really authentic and French.

We were served a lovely bottle of Pinot Blanc and before we knew it a generous portion of bread and ham was trusted in front of us.

Steve ordered the pork croquettes which were lovely and rich.

I ordered the seafood tartare which was excellent. The fish was incredibly fresh and the addition of seeds made the contrast in texture delightful. I loved this dish!

For main course Steve had the cod with herb risotto. A beautifully cooked and delicate dish this was full of flavour, the fish was fresh with a crispy skin. Extremely enjoyable.

I apologise for the not so pleasant picture but what the cassoulet lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in taste as this bean and meat stew was simply divine. The slow cooked beans that melted in the mouth were so luxurious I could have forgone the meat entirely and to be honest all the different varieties of pork, beef and veal became a little too much for me. Most people in the restaurant had ordered this as it is some what of a speciality and I can totally understand why.

A simple but rich chocolate mousse for dessert, delicious.

I really enjoyed our meal at L'Assiette, it was nice to have traditional French fare but now that I've been once I don't feel like I need to return unlike some of the other places I visited. That being said, it's definitely worth a visit for an authenic French meal, specially if you're staying in Montparnasse which is a delightful part of the city.

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