Wednesday 25 March 2015


Cereal and crisp sandwiches, I sure am a sucker for a hipster food trend but all jokes aside I am rather fond of the sugary breakfast meal so why not go to a cafe serving a million different flavours. Living in Wimbledon I'm only a short bus journey from Kingston so I met Steph from Foods For Thought one evening for dinner. 

The Cereal Bar has only been open for a few weeks yet the choice of cereal is vast. Boxes upon boxes have been imported from the USA and they have every possible flavour you could imagine. You can have a bowl with one type or make up your own cereal cocktail. There's a whole host of milk options to choose from as well; from semi skimmed to soya milk, there's even flavoured.

There's also a fridge full of USA imported fizzy drinks such as vanilla Coke and cherry Pepsi. Unfortunately I'm only interested in Fanta orange so the fridge was a little lost on me.

As well as cereal they also do crisp sandwiches, pop tarts, toast with an assortment of toppings and ice cream milkshakes.

The menu consists of preconceived cereal cocktails but I decided to create my own; lucky charms, cookie crisp and cookies n creme with semi skimmed milk. I was also convinced to add skittles, don't ask. The cereal, as you can imagine, was a sugary delight plus the portion of milk is really generous. There are loads of toppings to choose from like marshmallows, sprinkles and sweets so you really can go all out. Don't get skittles!

Steph went for one of the cereal cocktails; cookies n creme, Reese's puffs, almond milk and a Reese's piece on top. She liked it!

There's also a range of imported Oreos including lemon and red velvet, we tried the latter which was extremely sweet and verging on sickly but also kind of delicious.

The Cereal Bar is good fun and perfectly located next the cinema and opposite Kingston railway station. Pop in for an afternoon snack or for a dessert after dinner like we did. There's even an old school Nintendo 64 you can play for free. The perfect place for adults to get a sugary high and full of far fewer hipsters than the Shoreditch place.

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  1. Sugary heaven! Why oh why skittles hehe? Oreos look lush

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