Tuesday 10 March 2015


There's a new burger joint in town but this time it's a takeaway called Homeburger. Situated on Holloway Road, North London, this brand new burger bar is delivering to the local area and the results are really good. They officially opened yesterday but I was lucky enough to sample the soft launch menu last week as Steve's parents live in Angel.

First things first, don't you just love the packaging? The sturdy cardboard boxes are designed in such a way that the burger remains secure as they're whipped to your font door on the back of a bike. I love the branding and the personalised stickers make it easy figuring out what's in each box. My only issue is from an eco point of view as the boxes are quite big but at least they can be recycled.

I went for a nice simple Homeburger with cheese and boy was it tasty. Despite is being a little over cooked (I like my burgers very pink) it was succulent, juicy and a decent size. The bun could have be a little smaller as it was pretty bready but I'll definitely order this one again.

Steve went for the buttermilk fried chicken burger with home slaw, avocado and chipotle mayo. This was really delicious, the chicken was cooked perfectly and remained succulent. No dry chicken burger syndrome here!

Steve's parents shared the vegetarian BBQ mushroom and green lentil burger. The patty was a little overcooked but the flavours were nice and the addition of cheese, fried onions and BBQ sauce made this a tasty choice.

We ordered a range of sides, the waffle topped with chips and cheese was pretty indulgent which the strong cheese giving it a pungent flavour.

The mac n cheese was one of the best I've tried. The sauce was rich and cheesy, perfection!

There are two types of chicken wings on the menu, BBQ and hot n spicy. We went for the BBQ variety, the chicken meat was lovely and tender but the sauce was a bit too sweet for my liking.

There are a few desserts to choose from but because I'm not a fan of peanut butter we ordered the burnt marshmallow and chocolate pie. This was chocolate mousse topped with chocolate sauce and marshmallows, extremely sweet so it's a good one to share.

Homeburger was an enjoyable meal, it's hard to do take away burgers well but I think these guys are giving them a good go. I think one of the reasons my beef burger was a little overcooked is because Angel is nearly 2 miles away from the kitchen so the burger probably cooked in transit, however I'll definitely be placing an order again.

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