Sunday 22 September 2013

The Cribs at Birthdays 27/08/2013

I've liked the Cribs for a long time but for some reason I've only ever seen them at festivals. When I heard they'd be playing a gig at the tiny Birthdays in Dalston I knew I had to get myself a ticket. Because this was going to be such an intimate gig tickets were near impossible to get, I was having major stress issues at my desk trying to buy them. The website was down, then they were sold out, then I could get 2 but then I couldn't get any. Anyway, after a lot of persevering I managed to bag myself 2 tickets. I'd never been to a gig at Birthdays but I've been there for dinner so I knew how small the place was so I was excited to see such a boistrous band in a tiny venue, I was definitely in for a good night.

 First impressions of the venue at Birthdays were not great, the floor seems to slope backwards so the further away you are from the stage the less you can see. Also, because the ceiling is so low the stage isn't very high up which exacerbates the view damaging effects of the sloping floor. Anyway, despite my terrible view the gig was terrific. As always the Cribs were full of energy and the crowd was rowdy. The band were greeted to chants of Wakefield from the band and it was apparent that there were a lot of Yorkshire boys in the audience. They bought out a greatest hits album earlier this year so the set list was full of gems however they failed to play my favourite song "Our Bovine Public' which I consider to be a one of their bigger hits so that was a little disappointing but alas a band should always leave you wanting more right?

I don't think I'll be rushing back to Birthdays for a gig any time soon but nevertheless it was an amazing experience to see the Cribs in such an intimate atmosphere. Hopefully they'll do a proper UK tour soon but I imagine when they do the venues will be a lot bigger thus causing me to be hesitant about wherether I'll buy a ticket or not, we shall see...

Also, before I forget to mention it, the Cribs were supported by Wolf Alice who are a fairly new London based alternative/indie band and are definitely worth checking out. The lead singer has a lovely voice.

Have you seen the Cribs before or been to Birthdays x

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  1. Birthdays isn't the best place in the world for gigs but it's cool that you got to see them somewhere so small!


  2. Waah my love for the Jarmans knows no bounds! ♥ Claire at Jazzpad


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