Friday 2 August 2013

We Are Scientists at Koko: Club NME 26/07/2013

So I got to see one of my favourite bands twice in 28 hours, lucky me! This gig was very different from the night before at XOYO. Because they were playing a club night, the set was naturally shorter but they played all their hits so that isn't necessarily a bad thing. They finished on 'After Hours' which I've already mentioned is my favourite song of theirs and fortunately all the on stage banter was different from the night before as I was a little worried it might be the same. Another great show but not as intimate as the night before, however We Are Scientists still manage to deliver a fantastic performance at half past midnight to a club full of drunken twats and therefore I am more than thrilled I got to see them two nights in a row. I love them!

Have you been to any NME club nights at Koko x

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  1. Oh you lucky lady, I use to listen to them non stop. i need to get to a gig soon, hope your well lovely xx

  2. This was such a fun night (aside from getting covered in other peoples' beer in the crowd!) x

  3. I love We are Scientists, need to dig out my albums again!

    Maria xxx


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