Wednesday 10 July 2013

What's In My Festival Bag 2013

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Ever wandered what I carry around with my at a festival, probably not to be honest but here's a little insight nevertheless. I was at Glasto the other week and 5 days of festival going means you need to pack smart. I don't like to carry around too much with me (more space for cider) so it's essentials only. All the basics are in there, purse with only the necessary cards, phone, camera, sunglasses and festival guide. Suncream is really important for me as I burn easily so the higher the SPF the better. Tissues and a mirror are pretty important too! You can never go wrong with glow sticks either and I think it's always a good idea to carry some sweets around to keep your blood sugar high between meals. I really like the new festival flavour tic tacs and because they are so small they're perfect for shoving in your pocket when you're on the go.

What do you carry around at festivals x

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