Sunday 23 June 2013

Glasto Wish List

Glasto 2013


ASOS gingham dress
£40 -

Adidas t shirt


ASOS ripped jean shorts
£22 -

Patent leather bag

ASOS flat hat
£16 -

Ray ban eyewear
£38 -

I'm headed to Glastonbury Festival on Wednesday so thought I'd put together a quick wish list of things I've seen that would be perfect. I know it's a bit of a cliche but a Barbour jacket, Hunter wellies and Ray Bans are always on my must have list. When the sun is out I'll be wearing my trusty Converse as I can't stand wearing wellies for prolonged periods of time, the navy high tops go with most outfits I think. Along with a good pair of denim shorts, sun dresses and plenty of leggins and tshirts you can't really go wrong. I absolutely love this shark shaped sleeping bag but I realise it's totally impractical so I'll be taking along more boring practical one instead. I will have my Cath Kidston floral tent though so it's not all boring green and grey camping accessories. I need to keep the sun off my face or face turning lobster red so I'll be taking along some sort of hat, this boater serves it purpose well. Add a fun looking satchel type bag and your good to go.

What's your must have festival item x

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  1. i'm going to glastonbury on wednesday too woo hoo!!! cannot wait :D hah that sleeping bag is amazing. also have to take cons to festivals - wellies/dm's are not good for 5 days and nights of dancing and roaming about xxx

  2. I love the sunflower print pinafore. Very jealous that you're off to Glasto! x

  3. Hope you have fun at Glasto, I love the bag!

    Maria xxx


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