Monday 22 April 2013

Sarah Chapman Miracle Mask

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Sarah Chapman Miracle Mask *

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Mix 1 sachet of the mask with 60ml of cold water

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Apply the mask quickly with the spatula

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Mask is dry and ready to peel off after 15mins

So I hope these seriously scary pictures of my face haven't frightened you too much! I've been testing this face mask from Sarah Chapman over the last couple of weeks and despite it's scary appearance I wanted to share my thoughts because it's a right little gem.

First things first, this face mask was a whole new experience for me because you actually have to make it up yourself. Before you complain about the hassle this involves let me just say it really didn't take long to do, in fact the scientist part of me loved the mixology involved. All you do is fill the included beaker with 60ml of cold water (it's marked on the side), add one sachet of the powdered mask and mix like your making a cocktail. After a few seconds you turn the beaker upside down, unscrew the lid and begin applying to your face with the included spatula. I actually found it easier to use my fingers but whatever you do it's important to get it on your face quickly before it beings to dry.

After 15mins the mask is dry and can be peeled off. Again, this was a new concept for me as I've never had a peel off mask before but as I stood over the sink I found the experience somewhat satisfying if not a little messy. Once the mask was off and I cleaned up any remaining debris with my normal cleanser my skin instantly felt softer, plumper and hydrated. A lot of cleansing masks leave my skin feeling tight, aggravated and in desperate need of hydration but my face felt really clean and soft after this aka happy skin!

This mask is on the expensive side; you receive 4 sachets for the price of £36 from QVC which works out as £8 a go, however this is a real luxury product and if you're after something a little special for a Sunday evening I would highly recommend it.

Have you tried a peel off mask before x

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  1. Haha I for one love these pictures of your face! It looks like something right up my street!

  2. This sounds amazing, my skin definitely needs some TLC!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love the idea of being able to mix it up yourself! x


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