Tuesday 12 February 2013

Pancake Day 2013

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I flippin' love pancakes so today I was not going to miss an opportunity to indulge. Whilst I am fond of the little fat American style pancakes I prefer crepes so decided to make those tonight. I follow any old recipe but they mostly consist of the same thing; 4oz plain flour, 2 eggs and some milk. Mix them up, ladle into a hot pan and when they start to bubble it's time to flip them. If you don't know how to make pancakes you can find plenty of pancake day recipes on the Baking Mad website. For me the fun part is the toppings, I like to smother them in lemon juice, vanilla sugar, raspberries, chocolate and ice cream. Very indulgent but this day does only come around once a year...

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After a unsuccessful start I managed to make 2 decent creations. The first was covered in lemon juice, vanilla sugar and raspberries which was very tasty. The second pancake I have nicknamed the indulgent for being just that; vanilla ice cream, chocolate buttons and raspberries. I find it's best to let the chocolate melt a little when the pancake is in the pan just to make it an even gooier mess, mmm so good!

Anyway, I haven't decide what I'm going to give up for lent yet, I was contemplating with the idea of no more chocolate but I seriously don't think I have the willpower.

What do you like on your pancakes x

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  1. These look so good - vanilla sugar sounds amazing. x

  2. I'm so boring- I just love butter on mine! The first pancakes are always a disaster but then you get in the swing of it and they're amazing. I'm giving up bread and crisps for Lent so good luck to me! x

  3. Haha awww these sure look much better than that first pancake you posted on Instagram (though it entertained me a lot more ;p ) .

    Well done on making your own pancakes though!

    I love those pancake shakes (those instant mixes in bottles)..but unfortunately they only have thin pancake ones here. I like mine thick (american style).. they used to sell those types when I lived in Melbourne and I'd get them ALL THE TIME. Then slap on the bacon and maple syrup mmmmm


  4. Oh my goodness, these sound amazing, especially the second one!

    Maria xxx


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