Wednesday 28 November 2012

Cambridge Satchel Company






Bag from Cambridge Satchel Company
Shirt from Topshop
Skirt from Topshop
Boots from ASOS
Gold collar from ASOS

I've wanted a Cambridge Satchel Company bag for a long time now but it wasn't until earlier last month when I made a pretty sum on eBay that I finally placed an order. The satchel is a classic bag in terms of style and if made well it will last for a very long time (my mum still has her leather satchel school bag!) plus they have a knack of 'completing' an outfit. The Cambridge Satchel Company has gained a lot of press over the last few years, especially amongst fashion bloggers so with all the great reviews I knew the bag would be top quality. When it came to ordering my satchel I knew I wanted a bigger bag, something that would fit my MacBook so I went for the 15'' option (the biggest size). I had been debating with the colours for a long time, either red or navy but in the end I went for red as a. I wear a lot of black and b. red is a classic colour that I won't get bored with plus it does wonders for perking up a dark outfit. To make my bag extra special I had it embossed with my initials HEH and boom order complete. I was told it would take 30 days to arrive but it was more like 14 so you can imagine my delight when receiving it 2 weeks earlier then expected. I have used it everyday since receiving it and my obsessive use will not be waning any time soon.

The Cambridge Satchel Company bags are handmade in the UK from the finest quality British leather and are an absolute delight to own. My bag wasn't cheap, including the embossing the total cost was £119 but it was completely worth it for the quality, design and joy I feel from carrying this stunning creation around with me everyday. I have received so many compliments about it and a colleague has even gone and bought her own one now thanks to me! They sell lots of different designs (mine is a 'classic') and the colour choice is impressive, it ranges from pastels to neons to metallics and of course the normal shades like mine. If you're thinking about splashing out on a top quality, classic leather bag I couldn't recommend the Cambridge Satchel Company enough and best of all is that it's a UK brand! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future...

Do you have a satchel bag x

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  1. I love Cambridge Satchels. I've been tempted to get one for a while - they're such a classic. Love how Miffy is getting involved with the blog photos here! x

  2. I love it! you were eying one up in Leamington. Good investment item x

  3. I love this satchel and the red is such a lovely colour!

    Maria xxx

    P.S. Hi Miffy!


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