Monday 21 May 2012

My Jenny Craig Experience

Last year I got into running which in turn caused me to start eating too much crap food so I've currently been trying to loose some weight. I still exercise several times a week but I am also trying to cut down on calories. A few weeks ago I completed a rather successful 2 week trail of Jenny Craig thanks to a recommendation from Sarah. Jenny Craig is a weight loss plan where diet food is delivered to your door making it easy to follow especially since you can avoid the temptation of yummy supermarket food! Your food is delivered along with a weekly plan telling you what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on each day. Snacks, fruits and other healthy options are all factored into the plan plus you have the support of a consultant who provides weekly advice and encouragement.

But first things first, how much weight did I loose in the 2 weeks I did this diet? Well I'm happy to say that I lost 2 pounds which I'm really pleased about! So how did I actually find the 2 weeks? In all honesty I found it a struggle. I currently live at home so I am used to freshly cooked dinner every night so the thought of eating microwave meals sort of filled me with dread, however they weren't all that bad. There are loads of 'classic' options like lasagne, spag-bol, Thai curry and beef casserole. Whilst the food wasn't as good as my Mother's home-made cooking it wasn't bad at all. The cereal I had for breakfast was very nice and the lunch time soups were very tasty. The thing I found the most difficult was being tied down to what you have to eat. I like to eat what I fancy so having the choice of only a few different meals was difficult. However, if you lack motivation when it comes to dieting then I think this weight loss plan would be perfect for you because you are told exactly what to eat. I never felt hungry and with the provided snacks such as chocolate cereal bars and crisps my sweet tooth was satisfied. You are also given advice on what to eat if you go out for a meal which is extremely helpful. I actually ended up going out for dinner quite a lot during the 2 weeks but with advice from my consultant I knew which options would factor into my diet. So would I do it again? Well at the moment my budget doesn't really stretch to £11 a day as I would rather spend that money on more frivolous items however I think the concept is fantastic and if you have the cash to spare and are a fan of fast but healthy food then this is definitely the perfect option for you. It's easy, stress free and helps cut down on temptation which for me is the big killer when it comes to any diet.

I know this post is a little different from me but as I said at the beginning I am trying to loose weight so thought it would be good to share my thoughts, especially if you're in a similar situation. This 2 week trial was the perfect kick start I needed to my eating healthier plan.

 Would you be interested in this diet x

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  1. Ive seen a few people posts about Jenny Craig, including Sarah and Rosie. I think it's great for motivation however I live and cook with my boyfriend so this aspect is not really great for me! Although this is probably also why I eat so much! I also think it's not sustainable and my worry is if it actually stays off in the long run?x xxx

  2. The JC plan sounds interesting although £11 per day is pretty expensive and it does sound quite rigid. I go to restaurants far too often to stick to something like this but am still tempted to give it a go! x

  3. Love the idea of having everything planned out but it's nice to have choice too. I'm sure it is the perfect plan for some people though x

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