Tuesday 12 July 2011

Brick Lane Art

Brick Lane is a fantastic place to hang out at the weekend because there is so much going on from market stalls, vintage shops, live music, great food and cool art. Last time I was in the area I took it upon myself to visit a few of the little galleries in the area. The 3 I visited included the Stolen Space Gallery, the East Gallery and the Brick Lane Gallery.

I've been to Stolen Space a few times and have really enjoyed The Reign of Pink, Never Judge...? and The Art of Rock exhibitions. The gallery is a tiny room and you'll be in there for about 10minutes tops but the images displayed are always quite contemporary and definitely worth a visit if you like that sort of thing, I like it there a lot!

The East Gallery is about half way down Brick Lane and once again it's quite a small space but definitely worth a look in if you have a few minutes spare. I popped in to see the BA photography exhibition It's Complicated and found the photographs of inmates by Nicole Lichtman really interesting.

The Brick Lane Gallery is spread across 2 different venues but they're within a 2 minute walk (if that) of each other so they aren't difficult to find. I saw the Haze exhibition and really enjoyed all the abstract paintings. The art was a bit wacky and nonsensical but that's the sort of thing I enjoy so I'll definitely pop back in next time I'm in the area.

All 3 galleries have some great up and coming exhibitions on that are definitely worth a visit if you're around Brick Lane for a spot of shopping plus they are all free which is always a bonus.

Graffiti in Spitalfields, a Nicole Lichtman photograph, tea in the Vintage Emporium and the Reign of Pink exhibition

More graffiti, fantastic shoes that were a size too small for me, Brick Lane street music, more Reign Of Pink artwork.

Since I moved back to London in September I've been making a real effort to visit new places. It's really paying off because I've discovered all these little gems and it's little galleries like these tucked away on a street full of vintage shops that makes this city such an exciting and inspiring place. The art is so diverse that there really is something for everyone, making it accessible to the masses which is a hard feat when there are so many self righteous artists about these days. I love East London to bits, it surprises me with new things every time I visit.

Are you always learning new things about your home town x

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  1. Those shoes are amazing!

  2. I like posts like this, I always like learning more about unique places in bloggers towns. I've actually never been to Brick Lane, I only ever visit London for a night or two to stay with my friend and the list of things I want to do in London is getting immensely long but i'll have to add Brick Lane to it!

  3. I've recently made Brick Lane a regular visit, mostly for the vintage shops but now I'm obviously going to have to go for the art as well. Thanks for sharing your discoveries! x

  4. Amazing. One of my friends was a model for the abuse campaign (top right) and sent me a few behind the scenes photos which were stunning. x hivenn


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