Sunday 26 June 2011

Blast from my festival past

I'm back home from Glasto tomorrow with a lot of fun pictures and stories to share with you hopefully but for today I thought I'd share a few of my old festival pictures with you. I've been to Reading Festival 5 times, Leeds Festival once and Glastonbury twice (not including this one) so I have lots of memories.

My first ever festival was Reading 2004 when Green Day headlined and if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that Green Day are my favourite band in the whole wide world. Reading 2004 was the first ever time I saw them live, just before American Idiot came out and it was amazing.

As the years went on Reading got more and more rowdy and less enjoyable, not sure how I even made it 5 years in row. I had always wanted to go to Glasto but it is always on during A Level time so I had to wait until school was over to finally go and boy did I love it. Such a nicer atmosphere and lots more to do.

Last summer I went to Leeds Festival for the day to see Blink 182. It was a much nicer site compared to Reading but still full of those not so nice people I saw at Reading. Saying that I really want to go to Reading again this summer but just on Saturday to see the Strokes and Pulp. I also want to go to Bestival as it sounds like a mini Glasto plus it's on the Isle of Wight which I've never been to before.

Anyway, here's a few pictures from my old festivals and before you ask, yes I had pink hair circa 2009! Not quite as bad as my black hair circa 2005 which was my biggest ever hair mistake!

I can't find my pictures from my first few years at Reading since they're on an old computer and I was crap a taking pictures anyway so even if I could find them there probably wouldn't be many decent ones.

Have you been to a festival before and did you love it x

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  1. I used to go to Leeds festival but now its just full of posers!! I really want to go to glastonbury but i just dont like how you have to get tickets before you even know whos playing! Hope you had an amazing weekend! x

  2. Been watching the Glasto coverage on the TV this weekend and it looked incredible! Can't wait to see your snaps :)

    I really wanted to go to Bestival this year but I didn't have enough money for tickets and didn't get the volunteering spot D: determined to save up to go next year though! xoxo

  3. Ooo, hope Glasto rocked! I was watching a bit of the coverage on tv. I'm pretty excited for Reading (and yes, I'm mentally preparing myself for annoying people: we had tons of them while at KoL in Hyde Park).

  4. The pink hair is so cool!
    I have never actually been to a festival, the mud and generally dirtiness would be far too much for OCD to cope with unfortunately :(
    Sirens and Bells xx

  5. I lahooove festivals. I'm a festival whore. In Ireland the biggest festivals are Oxegen & Electric Picnic. I went to Oxegen for 5 years and then it started to get a bit rough and the crowd a bit younger (or maybe I was getting older?!) - a similar crowd to Reading.
    This will be my 6th year going to Electric Picnic & I wouldn't miss it for the world. It's very similar to Bestival, and as it's the weekend before the line up's are usually very similar aswell.
    I've also been to a few European festivals: Sziget in Budapest - HARDCORE, this is NOT for the fainthearted...not if you camp anyway. I'm still not over it. Pukkelpop in Belgium was another one - amazing festival, great set-up, HUGE crowds, great lineup (usually, this year leaves a lot to be desired)
    My bf has been to Burning Man, i'm hoping to make it next year but I need a lot of mental preparation...with it being in teh middle of the Nevada Desert and all...eek!
    I can't imagine my summers without festivals, but i'm pushing 30 now, so making the most of slumming it while I can!

  6. AHhh love looking at your memories! Very jealous you are at Glastonbury! I have been to:
    Glastonbury (2005)
    V Festival 2008
    Reading festival (2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010 and have tickets to 2011 unfortunately). I too agree that the general crowd and atmosphere is just not enjoyable anymore. I also think that now im 26, I find it hard being there because it's all a bit too "high" for me, whereas at Glastonbury there's actually places to relax, chill and take it all in.


  7. Ah it looks so good. The photos are awesome.

  8. I have been to several festivals in france and I loved it. I can see from the pics that you all had much fun!!


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