Friday 25 February 2011

Ski wear

It's half term at the minute and I'm lucky enough to be on a family holiday. We're staying at friends chalet in La Rosiere, France for a bit of the old ski action. Before this holiday I hadn't been skiing for about 9 years so it was safe to say I was freaking out before hitting the slopes. I've never been a confident skier, I get scared of going too fast, loosing control and failing of the mountain. My first day on the slopes was incredibly nerve racking but after a lesson in the afternoon with Mum who is also a crap skier made me feel a little better. Nevertheless I'm still slow and rubbish compared to my sisters (one did a season) and Dad. Being a crap skier is all right if you have someone else to be crap with you and fortunately for me, Mum has even less confidence than I do so we potter about on easy slopes. The downside is that everyone else goes on all these amazing runs to Italy and we get left behind.

Got Mum to take a few pictures of me in my (not so) lovely ski wear. Nothing very exciting at all but thought I'd just share what I wear when I'm falling over in mounds of snow and nearly breaking my hips, legs and ankles!



Ski jacket from O'Neill
Ski trousers from Billabong
Christmas Scarf from River Island
Knitted headband from ASOS
Random snow boots
Rayban Wayfarers


I'll be posting more snowy pictures for you when I get home probably. Not much time to blog here (most posts this week were scheduled) but lots of opportunities to take photos which is nice because the surroundings are so beautiful.

I have these fab orange ski thermals from Topshop SNO that are keeping me nice and warm under my ski suit. Since we are in a private chalet having our meals cooked everyday my non ski wear hasn't been too exciting, think dresses, leggings and a massive cardigan. I do have a collection of hats with me though and bought some purple snow mittens with fur trimmings for the slopes. Apart from that this holiday is definitely a case of the scenery being more interesting than outfits. And FYI don't bother bringing Uggs on a ski holiday, they really are pointless!!

Must take a picture of my sisters because their ski wear is a lot more interesting than mine. We went out to a bar the other night and apparently it was fancy dress; something beginning with R. I just put on red jeans and a stripy top and decided to be a red robber. Sister S stuck a Rice Krispy signs round her neck and sister H put a red shirt on, imaginative aren't we?

Home on Sunday which is lame x


  1. Your pics look amazing!!! Looks like you are having a splendid time!!


  2. I have always wanted to go sking, looks like your having a fab time!

  3. Gorgeous view of the mountains! Can't wait to see more pictures. Enjoy yourself x

  4. Looks like your having a fantastic time. Very envious! I like skiing but I'm not very good.

    X x x

  5. Soooo jealous that you're skiing. I'd love to give it a try

  6. Great photos!

    I've always wanted to go skiing, but I'm sure I'd be all over the place xD

  7. Oh wow, look at that view, the mountains in the background look just incredible. I've only ever been skiing once on a school trip back when I was 15, so same as you really, 9 years ago! Hilariously good fun and a bloody good work out too!

  8. awh i love love love skiing holidays. have a fab time. thank you so much for your heads up on lfw passes, i had no idea i was able to do that. thank you so much, will def be applying for the s/s '12 shows.

    Hope you had an amazing time.

    Helen, X

  9. I hate skiing. Like, I do like it once I'm doing it but it's just so much effort to get ready, putting on all those clothes, (which btw make me look fat, so not a fan of that) and then having to climb up the mountain just to get down again, ( i know i don't *literally * have to climb up the mountain but let me just have this one, ok?) and then snow get everywhere, even though I am SNOWPROOF so it shouldnt be able to touch my skin, but somehow, the bastard finds the way!YUKC YUCK YUCK>
    but have fun :P haha!

  10. Oooh so jealous. I don't get time off until easter and I'm going Leeds, not that exciting

  11. Ahh, your so lucky! The mountain views are so lovely, hope we get to see more!


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