Monday 27 December 2010

Pac Attack!

Still in that festive mood, hope you are all too? For me, the festiveness doesn't really diminish until New Year's and we all have to go back to work/school/uni etc. Seeing as I am partially unemployed (working in Dad's Snappy Snaps doesn't really count) I'll stop being festive once I find a job/PhD.

So, yesterday and today was dedicated to a little sale shopping and birthday present buying for my Mum. Yesterday it was a casual affair spent in Putney whilst today we ventured into London for a little more extravagance. High Street Ken was the spot and to my joy and complete and utter amazement I managed to pick up the H&M Lanvin (sell out in 10minutes) dress I wanted so badly when I was in Thailand. There was one floating about the store and it was in my size! I threw down £150 (most my Christmas money) and walked away with a massive smile on my face (pictures to follow soon). After a few other little bits and bobs including some new American Apparel two-tone tights we headed home for another enormous feed.

Dress from ASOS
Leopard cardigan from Topshop
Pacman brooch - Sunday Up Markey, Brick Lane
Tights - Christmas present

This is actually what I wore yesterday. The cardigan was a Christmas present and the Pacman brooch was a purchase from last week. It's made of those funny iron together bead things you probably played with as a child. I love Pacman!!

We watched 'Shutter Island' last night which was completely amazing and now I'm kinda in a Leo mood and want to watch Inception etc. I think we might watch 'The Beach' later, I read the book in Thailand (so much better than the film) and now I want to watch the film again.

The Boy leaves tomorrow =( and the job/PhD hunt will begin so wish me luck. My sister AND mum celebrate their birthday tomorrow as well so the house is going to be pretty chaotic.

Stay festive x


  1. loooooving the pacman! i need to get to some little market soon, will be coming to you for advice:) xx

  2. Talk about nostalgic, both the iron-bead brooch and The Beach movie! YOu should just go on a marathon from Romeo + Juliet all the way to Inception hehe

    I was surprised how much H&M Lanvin was available still after the 'sellout', but then again everytime I made my mind up to go buy something there was nothing left in my size... I guess it wasn't meant to be :( Can't wait to see yours!

  3. You’re doing a remarkable process. Hold it up

  4. I totally agree with what you have said


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