Friday 17 December 2010

Only half back

Hey everyone, hope you're all enjoying the snow =)

So I've been back from my big trip for a week now and even though I miss Asia terrible and want to go back, I'm really enjoying the last minute lead up to Christmas despite the bitter cold. I've been feeling really festive; the house is decorated, there is snow on the streets (no matter how small), the talk of food is mouth watering, the carollers are singing on the doorstep and I can almost here Santa's bells ringing. I love this time of year so much so it was perfect timing to finish my trip in mid December.

On a more depressing note I am having major troubles with my laptop =( Before I went away everything was working fine but when I returned there seemed to be a problem with the hard drive and it is basically saying there are zero bytes available which is a lie because I only have photos and the odd piece of work stored on the hard drive and this certainly doesn't add up to 120GM. Anyway, I'm off to see Apple about it on Tuesday so fingers crossed I can get it sorted out soon. Because of this I've only been able to upload a few of my travelling photos and I can't even take any OOTD pictures to upload. However I do have some pictures from Beijing, Hong Kong and Vietnam I can share with you in the meantime =)

....... some time later ........

OK, so as it turns out I can't put any photos on here because I can't copy and paste even which means I should have uploaded the pictures before I began typing blah blah blah etc etc etc I can't be bothered with this computer and feel like throwing it against the wall!!! I might start using the family iMac but it's in the kitchen and is a massive pain to use!!!

So no pictures today I'm afraid but I will share them as soon as I get this crappy macbook fixed.

Last night I went to see the local panto which happened to be starring THE HOFF and Louis Spence from Pineapple Dance Studio. The production was horrific because they probably spent most of the budget on paying The Hoff but it was still completely hilarious, especially Louis as he danced around EVERYWHERE! The story was Peter Pan and it was in Wimbledon New Theatre so if you get a chance to go I definitely recommend it.

I'm working at the minute in Dad's shop as I job hunt for 'real toxicology' jobs and phds so wish me luck on that front. I'm so poor since coming home from travelling so I need all the hours I can get. Tomorrow is the Christmas party so I'll be sure to wear something festive and fun. I did buy a Christmas jumper from Primark this week and I've been wearing it non stop so must find something different for tomorrow night.

I must dash, Mum is shouting that dinner is ready and since I've been home she has been cooking all my favourite food =)

Have a great weekend all and fingers crossed for more snow x


  1. hope you get your lap top sorted x

  2. hello, hello! thank-you for your comment and welcome back! i've been keeping up with your travels via twitter, haven't you been busy? :) i hope your laptop gets sorted, and maybe i'll see you in putney high street one day, i'm always around there! xx

  3. Love that you're back. Hope you had fun!


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