Thursday 7 October 2010

A wee update

No time to blog and it's making me sad! Hope you are following my travel blog and reading about all my adventures. So far I've been to Beijing, Hong Kong and am presently in Hanoi, Vietnam. We just got back from a wonderful 2 night jaunt in Halong Bay and are heading to Hue tomorrow on a 14 hour over night bus, grim!!! The weather is lovely, not too hot but perfect for shorts and dresses. There are loads of bugs about which is a bit gross though!

Totally fed up of eating rice so we are heading out for pizza tonight, aunthentic I know!!!

Hope everything is delightgful in the UK x


  1. Hope you're having a fab time. Will take a look at your travel blog now. xx

  2. sounds like you have having such an exciting time, i am a teeny bit jealous here!
    your pizza comment made me smile, i always crave pizza, constantly xx

  3. Glad you're having fun! I'm enjoying your tweets :)


  4. jejjjj, i love ur blog !
    is really interesting !
    more more more more !!

    follow me and write comment if you want ;**


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