Friday 20 August 2010

Europe 2009

Sorry about the lack of posts, I'm on the final leg of my dissertation now! Plenty of corrections to do and then I need to put everything together, check formatting, write an abstract, check the references and I'm done! Sounds like a lot still but I'm slowly getting there. My aim is do be finished by Saturday evening so I can get the dreaded thing bound on Sunday (maybe hit THE YARD SALE) and hand it in fresh faced on Monday before the 12 O' clock deadline!!!!

Anyway, it feels kinda nice to be writing something that isn't sciencey or requiring my brain to think outside it's teeny tiny box. I've found some really interesting results and my name will also be appearing ON A SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL..... some time in 2012/2013!!!! I'll keep you posted about that one cos whilst it may be a long time away its very exciting and also pretty good for the old CV.

I know you all love a good photo or two so to keep you occupied before I make an official return here are some photos of me when I was solo inter railing around Europe last summer.

Barcelona, Spain

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Milan, Italy

Florence, Italy

Pisa, Italy

Rome, Italy

Venice, Italy

Verona, Italy

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Zagreb, Croatia

Budapest, Hungary

Bratislava, Slovakia

Vienna, Austria

Krakow, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Oslo, Norway

Stockholm, Sweden

Helsinki, Finland

Phew, so that was everywhere I went during my wonderful 5 weeks of train journeys, hostels and little sleep. I wasn't going to upload photos of everywhere I went but I have so there you!! The photos are in the order of places I visited and to save you asking, yes I did go on my own because a. no one else was free / had the money etc and b. I really wanted to go travelling and Europe is a safe place to go by oneself. I went from mid August until mid September. My favourite places were Barcelona, Berlin and Florence and my least favourite place was Zagreb. I caught a plane to Spain then travelled around on train, got a ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo, a train to Stockholm and another ferry to Helsinki where I flew back home. God knows how much I spent, it was too depressing to calculate but probably in the region of £2000 including my inter rail ticket, 2 plane tickets, 2 ferry tickets and an awful lot of accommodation and food. I had an amazing time, saw so much, learnt loads and would recommend it to anyone. The experience was extraordinary!!!

I love the sequence of photos because you can tell how the weather changed from my outfits. I started in the South of Europe which was sweltering hot and ended up in the cold North. I had very few items of clothing we me and only one pair of trousers, jumper and jacket hence the repetition. You can also tell I lost weight as I went along =) but the masters has made me put it all (and more) on again =(

Can you see the hair band bow I'm wearing most of the time? Haha, I told you I've always been obsessed!!! Also, my hair is a gross colour because I had dyed it pink for Glasto 2009 and spent the summer washing it out so what you see is almost my natural hair colour!! Anyway, I must get back to work cos I've spent much longer on here than anticipated...

See you after this weekend from hell x


  1. I'm desperate to do something like this.. but I'm just not bloody brave enough to do it alone!

    I nearly convinced myself to use the Summer hols this year (I work in a school - ideal!) to go travelling.. but as I said, I just couldn't do it. I'm a big scaredy cat :(

    Maybe if I start planning & more to the point, saving, now, I could go next year..!?
    It looks like the most amazing experience.

    Best of luck finishing your dissertation :)

  2. Wow. Great travel pictures. Hope your weekend won't be that bad.

  3. WOW - Look slike you had an amzing time and went to so many cool places!!!

    That picture with the pigeon is SOOOOO scary - I have sucha phobia of pigeons!!

    Sal xXx

  4. Wow looks like a dream, once in a lifetime trip! Very jealous

  5. So many amazing cities, what a brilliant trip. Hope the weekend isn't too bad! xx

  6. My lordy I am very jealous! Looks like an amazing trip... any recommendations for Berlin? I'm heading there in October...

    jazzy ♥


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