Tuesday 31 August 2010

Baby it's cold outside

So tomorrow September begins and with a change in month brings a change in season... normally! In my opinion, autumn already hit a week or 2 ago (except for a few lovely sunny days) and whilst I love the colder months and a chance to cuddle up in layers it'll be sad to say goodbye the short summer we had! Last week, on a particularly cold day I donned numerous layers with burgundy and grey tones in preparation for the colder months.

Asymmetric top, lace crop top, cardigan and skirt from Topshop
OTK boots from Office

It's pretty tragic that 80% of this outfit is from Topshop but there you go! I can't remember where these tights are from but they are a pretty standard winter colour so you can probably pick them up anywhere. I really like this outfit, all the colours and fabrics are very AW10 plus the different lengths of the clothes give it a bit of the cool factor (I think so anyway) and keep me warm on long cold days =)

You can see my leopard print Uggs in the background too which will probably get worn a lot this winter. I do love my Uggs but I try not wear them too much out and about because they are darn unattractive!!! I'm really looking forward to deep purple and red colours this winter with the addition of animal prints, wool and lace combinations and heavy coats and capes, mmmm joy!!!

Now that I'm back home in London for the majority of time there hopefully wont be many more of these horrible student room photos. Instead I can show you out giant pumpkin plant that is slowly taking over the garden at home!!! What are you guys most looking forward to this AW10 asides from falling leaves and mugs of hot chocolate bliss =)

Pub quiz time now x


  1. first of all -i love your poster!

    second of all -i hated coloured tights, but you've just changed my mind.

    thirdly - i love your blog, you have such a lovely smile :)

  2. hey missy!
    just to let you know we are once again wardrobe twins!
    Leopard Uggs FTW


    hah, I love our taste in clothes


  3. I really love that aysemetric top!

    Love Christina xox


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