Friday 14 May 2010


All this talk of bows had made me realise how much I actually obsess over hair bands with those darling little ribbons attached. How many bows does one girl need? Well, in my case you can never have enough especially as they come in all different sizes, fabrics and colours each representing a different occasion. For example I've got one of those Topshop Lady Gaga esque hair bands where the bow sticks out on top like some sort of Statue of Liberty merchandising attempt. I don't have the guts to just walk into a lecture with this decadent headpiece so I save it for party nights.

My Topshop bow is actually sliver but you get the idea. My Mum actually got me it for Christmas..... I also seem to have an abundance of 'normal' hair bands with little bows attached to the side, all ranging in colours which are extremely practical for wardrobe coordination any time of day.

This little gem is from Marc by Marc Jacobs and whilst the cuteness will only set you back £25 I could make this using an old shoelace and a plastic band from Claire Accessories... A girls gotta be practical!

I own the particular ASOS denim lover and a few other stretchy bows (one of which im wearing today). However, my all time favourites are the multi functional big bow clip! You know, the ones you can use in your hair and on your clothes, genius!!!

Rock N Rose Jewellery

Lou Lou Love You

I've also got tonnes of those curby grips bow lovelies but I'll save those for another day.

I spotted this triumph on Susie Bubble's blog earlier.

This item of architectural genius is by Camille Roman for Le Tour de Force, made out of satin and is probably one of the most magnificent bow creations ever, I LOVE it!!

This Sunday I'm getting my hair bleached 'again' in an attempt to fix the atrocity Rush in Guildford did to me! I want it that lavender blonde colour minus too much lavender and if the result is correct *fingers crossed* I'm going to try one of the Lady Gaga hair bows from eBay...

One last thing before I go, Lou Lou Loves You have these awesome hair bows/necklaces, as you can guess I want one

Laterz x

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