Wednesday 12 May 2010


I've been thinking of starting a fashion-type blog up for a while and in a haze of revision avoidance I finally succumbed to the pressures of the internet. I spend a far amount of my time following different blogs, all varying in substance and thought it would be a fun idea too start one myself, especially since I have a love of fashion. Being a student at present I enjoy the pleasures of dressing up for lectures and recording outfit choices, I know this probably sounds a bit narcissistic but it makes my masters degree a bit more enjoyable and also helps me remember what I have and haven't worn in a while.

You're probably wondering about the name of this blog, well if you know me you know that my favourite print is ANYTHING to do with bows! I try wear something with a bow everyday, whether it be hair accessories, socks or prints on clothes and bags etc, I just love 'em!!!!! The thing with bows is that they're always about. Big pussy bows on shirts, hairbands ala Blair Waldorf (yea, I LOVE Gossip GIrl) or Lady Gaga (love her too) and big bowed skirts - all my heaven!

The other 2 thirds of the name comes from the Sonic Youth album Daydream nation, which is pretty awesome (not my fav band but still great) and all together it sounded a bit catchy!

I also like trends and in particular nautical, think its all those anchors (second favourite print maybe) and blue tones.

Topshop tapered trousers, suede wedges and necklace
H&M breton top

Vintage anchor brooch that you can't really see

I wore this the other night to a friends BBQ and after a few too many ciders I randomly fell over (so embarrassing). Whilst these shoes are very comfy for their height they are pretty unstable and for someone like me who loves flats that spells trouble! PS socks had bows on them (bit of a cheat I suppose) :-(

So I thought I'd use this space to update my sometimes silly outfits, complete with bow insania, my ponderings about whatever and general notes about my current lusts which I seem to be using twitter to much to document!

Enjoy x

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